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pse brute x review of compound bow

KEY STATS: Draw Weight: 60-70 lbs Draw Length: 25″ - 30″ Let Off: 75% Brace Height: 7.25″ Speed: 312-320 fps PSE Brute X Review In a marketplace filled with phenomenal compound bows, purchasing the right one can be an extremely daunting challenge, especially when considering the price tag which is often associated with a quality bow. One of […] Read More

PSE Bow Madness 3G

KEY STATS: Draw Weight: 60-70 lbs Draw Length: 25″ - 30″ Let Off: 75% Brace Height: 7″ Speed: 322-330 fps In a marketplace filled with high quality compound bows, purchasing the right one can be a daunting challenge, especially when it means spending your hard earned money on something you may not be happy with. Below is […] Read More

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Review

Speed: 235 fps Draw Weight: 175 lbs Crossbow Weight: 4.8 lbs Type: Recurve Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Review: The Inferno Fury crossbow by Arrow Precision is lightweight crossbow aimed at hunters and beginners who need an affordable crossbow that doesn’t compromise on the quality. This is a comfortable and lightweight crossbow that is easy to use when hunting smaller […] Read More

Barnett Wildcat C5 review

Speed: 320fps Draw Weight: 150 lbs Crossbow Weight: 8.5 lbs Type: Compound The Wildcat C5 crossbow is one of the most popular crossbows sold by Barnett because of its amazing power and speed. It is powerful because of the new Veloci-Speed high energy wheels that propel the arrows down the new synthetic cable system.  This is great for competitions […] Read More

Barnett Quad 400 Review

Speed: 345 fps Draw Weight: 150 lbs Crossbow Weight: 9.0 lbs Type: Compound The Quad 400 crossbow is an accurate crossbow produced by a reputable manufacturer - Barnett.  It has some new features that are making it a favourite compared to other crossbows in the Barnett range. Manufactured primarily for hunting the Quad 400 is a powerful crossbow that can […] Read More

Barnett Penetrator Review

KEY STATS: Speed: 350 fps Draw Weight: 175 lbs Crossbow Weight: 8.6 lbs Type: Compound Barnett Penetrator Review: The Penetrator crossbow is produced by Barnett for hunters. This crossbow has incredible power behind each shot whilst showing off a lightweight frame that is easy to move and manage. It has been made robust so it can be handled by any […] Read More

Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Review

Speed: 350 fps Draw Weight: 175 lbs Crossbow Weight: 7.6 lbs Type: Compound Compared to other Barnett crossbows, the Ghost 350 CRT crossbow is one of the lightest crossbows to be ever created by Barnett. It weighs in at a very light 7.5lb making it a very light crossbow to handle, which can help improve the accuracy and grouping […] Read More

excalibur ibex smf review

Speed: 305 fps Draw Weight: 175 lbs Crossbow Weight: 5.9 lbs Type: Recurve The Ibex SMF crossbow made by Excalibur is a very compact hunting bow that weighs in at a very light 5.9lbs. With such a low weight Ibex SMF is a great crossbow to travel with, shoot for a long period of time and hunt. It has […] Read More

Wicked Ridge Raider CLS Review

KEY STATS: Speed: 330 fps Draw Weight: 180 lbs Crossbow Weight: 7.0 lbs Type: Compound Wicked Ridge Raider CLS Review: The Wicked Ridge Raider CLS crossbow boasts how compact the frame is without compromising quality and how fast and powerful the shots are without compromising the accuracy.  The Ridge Raider features the widely known Compact Limb System bow assembly […] Read More

Bear Anarchy Review

KEY STATS: Draw Weight: 50-70 lbs Draw Length: 25" - 31.5" Let Off: 80% Brace Height: 7.25" Speed: 340 fps Bear Anarchy Review: The Bear Anarchy Bow is 30 inch long compound bow which has a batwing frame and which is manufactured by Bear Archery. It is a lightweight bow that has an excellent high quality finish […] Read More

TenPoint Titan Xtreme Review

  KEY STATS: Speed: 333fps Draw Weight: 180 lbs Crossbow Weight: 7.3 lbs Type: Compound TenPoint Titan Xtreme Review: The TenPoint Titan Extreme Crossbow is a new affordable crossbow manufactured by TenPoint. It has an innovative design and high quality build finish like the other crossbows made by TenPoint, and features a new stock that helps to improve aiming. […] Read More

tenpoint vapor crossbow review

Speed: 360 fps Draw Weight: 165 lbs Crossbow Weight: 6.8 lbs Type: Compound TenPoint C13004-7411 Vapor Review: TenPoint C13004-7411 Vapor Crossbow features an innovative design combined with maximum performance. The crossbow is made by a world class manufacturer well-know for its quality products. The Vapor Crossbow focuses on maneuverability and speed. While its low weight makes […] Read More

diamond infinite edge review

Draw Weight: 5-70 lbs Draw Length: 13" - 30" Let Off: 75% Brace Height: 7" Speed: 310 fps The Diamond Infinite Edge Bow has a dual cam eccentric system.  The two cams are elliptical and their movement is synchronized making the arrow travel in a perfect straight line. This bow is a great choice for beginning […] Read More

bear attitude review

Draw Weight: 50-70 lbs Draw Length: 25" - 32" Let Off: 80% Brace Height: 7.25" Speed: 310 fps It has been called “Bad to the Bone,” and it definitely steps up to its name! The Bear Attitude is a compound bow that has an EZ3 single Cam system with rotating modules. The focus of this bow is […] Read More

Bear Archery Method review

Draw Weight: 40-70 lbs Draw Length: 26.5" - 31" Let Off: 75% Brace Height: 6.75" Speed: 340 fps The Bear Method compound bow is a high-performance compound speed bow great for hunting or 3D shooting. It weighs about four pounds, and has an axle length of 33” and a brace height of 6.75. Its arrow speed is […] Read More

Bear Grizzly Recurve Review

bear grizzly recurve review

KEY STATS: Bow Lenght: 58" Bow Weight: ~2 lbs Draw Weight: 50 - 60 lbs Takedown: No Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow is a traditional and classic archery product available in $ 359.99. It was made in 1950 but it continues to provide great performance within low budget. Fred Bear introduced the last modification to Grizzly in […] Read More

Martin Jaguar Take-Down Review

Bow Lenght: 60" Bow Weight: 2.8 lbs Draw Weight: 35 - 55 lbs Takedown: Yes Jaguar Takedown Bow is a great tool for target practicing and hunting, developed by Martin Archery for beginner and intermediate archers.  It has an amazing look with beautiful design that get the archers excited enough to actually pursue the sport. The […] Read More

omp mountaineer 2.0 review

Bow Lenght: 62" Bow Weight: 3.4 lbs Draw Weight: 35 - 55 lbs Takedown: Yes October Mountaineer Products Mountaineer 2.0 is traditionally inspired and developed to deliver an excellent performance. It is a Cadillac of hunting bows but it’s not costlier than Chevy Cruze. It offers a light-weight structure, while at the same time it’s developed […] Read More

PSE Blackhaws review

KEY STATS: Bow Lenght: 60" Bow Weight:3.1 lbs Draw Weight:45, 50 lbs Takedown: No Precision Shooting Equipment Archery’s Blackhawk Recurve Bow is a one piece traditional bow and it’s suitable for beginners and those want to polish their archery skills. It delivers authentic performance in hunting activity for right hand archers. Hard laminated Maple and […] Read More

pse sinister review

Draw Weight: 60, 70 lbs Draw Length: 25" - 30" Let Off: 75% Brace Height: 7.25" Speed: 322-330 fps PSE Sinister is an AMP single cam bow made from airplane grade aluminum.  The grips on this bow are thinner which makes it easier for placement of hands.  It is lightweight and compact, and a bare bow weighs […] Read More